Office of Student Affairs

Mission Statement

Student Affairs contributes to the development of the whole student by helping them become engaged, well-informed and responsible participants of the global community.

Welcome from Jim Marchant, Vice President for Student Affairs

Jim Marchant
Vice President, Student Affairs

Pitzer College is a close-knit community that embraces individualism and encourages students to craft their own paths. It is a place that challenges students to think and make decisions about their community, world and future.

I invite each of you, as you are creating your own unique path, to become involved in some form of campus life. However you choose to become involved — be it in athletics, student government, academic research, or in any of the myriad of clubs and activities — you will undoubtedly learn and grow personally. It is a fact that college students who are involved in meaningful out-of-class activities are more satisfied and perform better academically than those who choose not to participate.

Student Affairs is committed to the development of the whole student by offering opportunities and services to support, challenge and empower students in becoming responsible members of a pluralistic society. We look forward to helping you make the most of your Pitzer path.